What is Esperanto?

Esperanto is an international language published by Dr. Ludovic Zamenhof in 1887 with the goal of improving communication and understanding. It’s a living language, used as a common second language for communicating with others from different countries. Speakers of Esperanto (called Esperantists) can be found in over 135 countries.

Why Esperanto?

Esperanto is easier to learn than other languages thanks to its regular and simple grammar. In fact, it’s estimated you can learn Esperanto 4 to 10 times faster than an ethnic language. The language also belongs to everyone, not just to people of a particular group or nationality. As a neutral second language, everyone can communicate without losing their cultural identity.

Join Us!

The Syracuse Esperanto Society is a group for individuals in Syracuse and Central New York who are interested in studying, speaking, and promoting the use of Esperanto. We have regular monthly meetings, and newcomers and people interested in learning more are always welcome.